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Just me tonight. Some weird ones, I promise to go back to new releases soon! Hang out with me to see Arnaud Lazlaud’s new project, Automelodi, tonight at Wierd. Also I’m playing with the band Dream Affair tomorrow night at Party Xpo (11pm doors).

(Mixcloud link soon)

Arnaud Lazlaud “Allumeuses S-F” Afterflow MP3 2000
Fad Gadget “For Whom The Bell Tolls” For Whom the Bell Tolls (Mute) 12″ 1982
Zwischenfall “Flucht” Heute (Dark Entries) LP 2010
White Car “Reality Beat” No Better EP (Hippos In Tanks) 2010
Clandestine “Radio Rhythm” (Sleeping Bag) 12″
Cabaret Voltaire “Shut the Damn Camera” Sensoria 12″ (Virgin) 12″ 1984
Visage “Beat Boy (Dub)” Beat Boy 12″ (Polygram) 12″ 1984
Yello “Bostich” I Love You 12″ (Warner Bros. Records) 12″ 1984
Axxess “Flying Rabbi” Novels for The Moons (Lamborghini) LP 1983
Material “Secret Life” (Jungle Records) MP3 {request from Sel}
Twilight Ritual “She Is Gun” Rituals (Auxilio De Cientos) 1986
Starter “Minijupe” Start (Not On Label) CD
Kano “Ikeya Seki” (Hispavox) 12″
Schnawwl “Schoen Ist Die Erde” Schlussphase (Zyx) LP 1982
Code 61 “Drop the Deal” (Ferrari) 12″
Units “A Girl Like You” (Epic) 12″
Cybotron “R-9″ (Fantasy) 12”
Secession “Betrayal” Betrayal 7″ (The Garden Label) MP3 1983
Xymox “Call It Weird” Subsequent Pleasures (Metropolis) 2001
Figures On A Beach “Everything But Heaven” Swimming 12″ (Metro-America) 12″ 1983
Carmody “Messengers of Love” A Better Spider (Anna Logue Records) 2009
Tobias Bernstrup “Enemies of the Earth” 1984 12″ (Enfant Terrible) 12″ 2009
Psychic Ills “Mantis (Juan Atkins Remix)” FRKWYS Vol. 4 (RVNG) 12″ 2010
Silent Types “Upset” War Economy (Double Dose) 1980


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