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I’m back! And with a new time: Tuesday nights from 1-3AM.

Tuesday night I had my friends Nico of Neud Photo (soundcloud.com/neudphoto) and Jack of Transient Sun (soundcloud.com/transientsun) come in to spin some records with me. We heard lots of nice Italo and house tracks, as well as Nico and Jack’s earlier projects and gear talk. Unfortunately we had some technical problems and the show wasn’t recorded, but spot this playlist and come see Neud Photo and myself (playing with Dream Affair) Thursday night at Party Xpo!

Playlist after jump.

Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson “Leave the Driving To Us” Wozard of Iz (A& M) CD 1968
Riccardo Cioni “Fog” Darkness Inside 12″ (Master Dee Jay) 12″ 1984
Innergaze “Illusions” We Are Strange Loops (Touch Your Life) LP 2010
Neud Photo “Cadmus Finyl” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Walt J “Untitled” Reborn (Dow) 12″ 1997
John Rocca “I Want It To Be Real” I Want It To Be Real (Streetwise) 12″ 1984
Easy Going “Fear” Fear (Unidisc) LP 1979
Kano “I’m Ready” I’m Ready / Holly Dolly 12″ (Emergency) 12″ 1980
Hipnosis “End TItle (Blade Runner)” Pulsar 12″ (Memory Records) 12″ 1983
Hashim “Al-Naafiysh” Al-Naafiysh (Cutting Records) 12″ 1983
Coco Bill “Evita (Instrumental)” Eight (Cosmic Club) 12″ 2009
Supermax “Spooky” Types of Skin (Elektra) MP3
Etbonz “Dreaming For You” unreleased (Unreleased) MP3
Transient Sun “ESFOF” Unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Transient Sun “OPLZ (Rough mix)” Unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Neud Photo “Periods” Synthetics (Custom Craft) LP 2010
Martin Pscherer “We.” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Mr. Pauli “Le Crunch” Le Crunch (Moustache Records) 12″ 2008
Kulaks “Everyday” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Consort “Memetics” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Neud Photo “Trabert V1” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Consort “After the Rain” unreleased (Unreleased) CD
Spacelex “Happy Birthday” Pretty Face (Dissident) 12″ 2009
Explorer “Enjaw J” Untitled LP (X Records) LP 1982


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