Synthetique.5.10.10 – ADIEU

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The final show, we had DJ Frankie Teardrop, Chris Sloan from Rainbow Body Records, Matthew Werth from RVNG Intl Records. A serious serious playlist. The recorded mix includes an opening guest set from The Vly House… you are in for a HUGE treat.

PART 2 (all vinyl bonuz)

Epic playlist after the jump

–Frankie Teardrop from Systems of Romance/ Revel Hotel–
Les Joyaux De La Princesse “Automne 1941” Aux Petits Enfants De France CD 1989
Squadra Blanco “Night of the Illuminati” Night of the Illuminati LP (K7) CD 2002
Automelodi “Rose a.d.” Automelodi LP CD 2010
Eleven Pond “Watching Trees (demo)” unreleased CD
Ruins “Fire” Fire 12″ CD 1984
Ceramic Hello “Sampling the Blast Furnace” The Absence of a Canary LP (Mannequin) CD 1981
Cybotron “El Salvador” Enter LP (Hispavox) CD 1983
Oppenheimer Analysis “The Devil’s Dancers” New Mexico CD 1982
Sensitive “Don’t Stop” Give Me 12″ (Sensation) CD 1985
Medio Mutante “Frozen Cities” Inestable 12″ (Cititrax) CD 2008

–Chris from Rainbow Body Records–
Bagarre “Lemonsweet (Disco Version)” (Carnaby) MP3
Cleaners From Venus “Golden Age Saturday” In the Golden Autumn (Man At the Off License) MP3 1983
Konnichiwa “Maiden China” CD
V.o.K. “Nukes of Terra” Offering (Micro Records) CD 1985
Golden Birthday “Hold Onto Love” Infinite Leagues (Rainbow Body Records) LP 2010

–Matt from RVNG Intl–
Michael Stearns “In the Beginning” Planetary Unfolding (Continuum Montage) 12″ 1981
Harald Grosskopf “Synthesist” Synthesist (Sky Records) LP 1980
Allez Allez “Weird Science” (RVNG) 12″
Chris & Cosey “Impulse” Trance (Base Record) LP 1982
Church of Hawkwind “The Joker At the Gate” Church of Hawkwind (RCA) LP 1982
Richard Pinhas “West Side” East West LP 1980
Sensations’ Fix “Life Beyond the Darkness” Fragments of Light (Polydor) LP 1974

The Revenge “Forever In Their Debt (The Revenge’s Pitched Down Mix)” (Home Taping is Killing Music) 12″ [N]
Ajax “Mind the Gap (Detune Dub)” (Wax Trax) 12″
808 State “Ooops (Eric’s Kup of Hysteria Edit)” Ooops Promo (Tommy Boy) 12″ 1991
Gary Low “You Are a Danger (Instrumental)” You Are A Danger (Il Discotto Productions) 12″ 1982
Freeez “Dub. U.” I.O.U. 12″ (Streetwise) 12″ 1983
Roach Motel “Wild Luv” Wild Luv 12″ (Junior Boy’s Own) 12″ 1994
Los Massieras “Boogity Boogity Boogity” Boogity Boogity Boogity (Bananamania) 12″ 2010 [N]


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