Synthétique 4.26.10 w/ DJ NITELINE

In Radio on April 27, 2010 at 3:45 am

DJ Niteline did a guest set on Synthétique, spinning the best of post-punk, cold and minimal wave.   We talked a bit about the resurgence of these genres and gave a ton of shout outs to the innovative Brooklyn-based bands involved.  The selection features a few unreleased goodies from friends, a track from Kevin’s upcoming label, and I threw in that No Fun Acid release to further rep the BK! Catch us and the regulars at the next Wierd or Pendu Disco events!


Tracklist after the jump..

Martin Dupont – Wagui – Minimal Wave 2008
Opera Multi Steel – Ecrans Couleurs – Vinyl-On-Demand 2008
Pseudo Echo – Walkaway – EMI 1984
Pseudo Echo – Fast Cars – EMI 1984
Void Vision – Sour
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Hometown – Goodlife 2007
Gesaffelstein – The Other – OD Records 2008
Cold Colors – L’amour Sans Toi – Falco Invernale Records 2010
Da Halz – Standart – Science City 2000
Light Asylum – Shallow Tears
No Fun Acid – This is No Fun Acid 2 – No Fun Acid 2010
Depeche Mode – The Landscape Is Changing – Self-released 2007
Arpanet – Event Horizon – Record Makers2006
Neud Photo – Internal Landscape
Xeno & Oaklander – Werke – Wierd 2009
Led Er Est – Fingers Curling Up – Avant God 2008
Storung – Europe Calls – Minimal Wave 2007
Victrola – Mutant Glow – Mannequin 2009
The Fixx – Cameras In Paris – MCA 1982
Stephen B – The Sacrament of Flesh
Starcluster – Jusqu A La Fin – Das Drehmoment 2008
Visage – Whispers – Polydor 1982

*Sorry for the scratchiness, bleeps and pops.  The studio was being a bit difficult!


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